My name is Sierra.
I'm 27 years old.
I'm a Coastal Carolina University Alumni.
I love to travel.
I work for Youth for Christ and have lived in Northern Ireland and Germany.
I am from South Carolina.
I live in Nebraska now.
I am excited about life.
  • It’s my last week at home in the south before leaving for the Midwest. #bittersweet #homesweethome

  • I love being an aunt. :) #nephew

  • Yay! @malloreekarmine

  • Ninja turtles with these two, @jessicamherring and@cindysevy :) #turtlepower

  • I made these pillows from some of my favorite college t-shirts!

  • #tbt to the friend cabin trip!

  • I made bacon for @malloreekarmine. :) #itswhatfriendsdo Also… #tomscoffee #yum

  • My new amazingly soft authentic Native American llama blanket that my dad bought for me in south Dakota! :) #beautiful #tribal

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  • @parachute at #theloft :)

  • "Love you forever, forever and always." :) @parachute