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I got back last night from my first High School camp! It was at a facility called Quaker Ridge, near Colorado Springs. Such a great place, great staff, great chapters, and great kids!!!! I loved this week so much!! We saw God move through camp, kids get to know him, and lives change! 

Imagine sitting outside in the middle of a camp in the Rocky mountains with 300 other people. Now imagine that it is dark, completely silent and every one of those people is praying. There is one night of camp that we have something special called “solo time”, this is my favorite part of all of our camps but at high school camp it’s really special. During the solo time, every student, leader, and staff must stay still and quiet for a 30 minutes (middle school is a little shorter). It’s so amazing to see 300 people being still and quiet and just spending time with God! But what’s so great about high school solo time is that at the end of the 30 minutes when the bell rings everyone who decided to say yes to Jesus for the first time stands up and shouts “YES!”, then once the yes’s are finished, everyone who decided to say yes to Jesus a second time as a restart, stands and shouts, “YES AGAIN!” I can’t tell you how cool it is to hear that bell ring and then hear all of those YES’S!!!!! Knowing that those kids just accepted Jesus into their lives!!! After the yes’s everyone rises and heads off to their cabin time. I was standing next to the door to one of the girls dorms to let kids in when one girl, we’ll call her Abby, comes running up to me and hugs me and says, “Sierra!!! I just accepted Jesus into my heart for the first time!” I held it together until she walked away but then I started crying just because I was SO HAPPY!

Two days before, I was crying for the kids because I was so sad for them and their stories, because I hate the things that they have to deal with at home. One thing you must understand about YFC Camp is that most of these are not church kids. They are kids who haven’t heard the gospel their whole lives, they have really rough backgrounds, they are going through tough situations with family, they have messy lives. But they get to come to camp for one week and be away from it all, hear about Jesus and get to know him better and when they go home the same leaders who learned their stories this week, will continue to pour into their lives at home!

I’m so excited for what God did this week and I can’t wait to go to Iowa on Thursday for my next camp!!!! :) Please pray for the kids who went home yesterday and also for the ones who are getting ready to head to camp this weekend in Iowa!! 

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